Different formulas of La Chasse-Balcon

(municipal series, festival, commercial event, corporative event, private event)

OFFER A BALCONY (séries or non-series)

*Open to all municipalities


You would love your beautiful balcony to receive lively music and support your neighborhood community? Either throught our serie or in a stand alone version, we are always thrilled to received your propositions. Just fill in the form below to let us know about your balcony.

PS: We receive a lot of demands, so it might be possible that the answers arrive with a little delay. But we read every email with a lot of love!


*Open to all municipalities

Vous désirez recevoir des musiciens traditionnels pour agrémenter votre événement, sans toutefois suivre la formule exacte de La Chasse-Balcon? 

Nous avons des formules solo, duo, trio ou plus. Ceux-ci peuvent se produire sur n'importe quel style de scène. Des danseurs peuvent également se joindre aux musiciens pour vous faire danser le two-step, la valse et/ou une danse "câllée".

Faites-nous connaître vos besoins afin d'établir un prix.

Write to lachassebalcon@gmail.com


*Open to all municipalities

La Chasse-Balcon also has a kids formula, for any context (birthdays, schools, day-cares, etc.) : 

- Traditionnal music show adapted to the group’s age;

- Music introduction activities, where puppets, dance and movements are à l'honneur ;

- Songwriting workshops (any age).


Let us know your needs!

Write to lachassebalcon@gmail.com